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Guangdong Shoumenshen Technology Group Co., Ltd.

Guangdong gatekeeper Technology Group Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Shoumenshen Technology Group Co., Ltd. was established in 2006. It is a national high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales, construction and service. It is a famous trademark of Guangdong Province, a famous brand product of Guangdong Province, and the top ten brands of Chinese police equipment. The public security system is equipped with leading equipment for police equipment. The group has a registered capital of 50 million yuan, and has 6 subsidiaries, three business divisions and one research institute. It has garden gardens with tens of thousands of square meters...

Guangdong Shoumenshen Technology Group is a high-tech-oriented company that has been established for more than a decade and has concentrated on a number of professors and PhDs in computer hardware and software, physical electronics, information automation, mechanical design, and polymer materials. The middle and senior technical talents of research institutes such as the Institute, China University of Science and Technology, Electronic Science and Technology University, and Western Military Power have strong product research and development capabilities and have owned dozens of national patents. The Group has mastered the core technologies of active wave and passive detection of millimeter wave, X-ray dual-view imaging, radar radio frequency detection, explosive drug detection based on ion migration, and bulletproof and stab-resistant products of polymer materials. The Group is one of the few at home and abroad. It can provide a full range of specialized companies that integrate anti-terrorism, security inspection, police equipment, security system solutions, and provide product design, customization and OEM.

Development history

Corporate culture

Company purpose: Guarding China, safe world Guarding China means safeguarding the security of the motherland. Safe world means safeguarding the peace of the people of the world.

management idea: By making the society safer and safer for the people

Innovation idea: The problem of the market is our innovation.

Corporate spirit: Pragmatism, learning, innovation and Transcendence

Pragmatism, We should always insist on emphasizing reality, telling the truth, pragmatism and seeking effectiveness. We must resolutely stop the pursuit of superficial articles, not pay attention to the formalism of actual effect, actual efficiency, actual speed, actual quality and actual cost, and vigorously carry forward a down-to-earth and hard-working style of work.

Study, The present age is an era of knowledge economy with innovation, competition and rapid development. In the security industry, only with faster and better ability to learn than competitors, can we win long-term, sustainable and healthy development.

innovate, In today's information age, the competition in the market has become white-hot. Only by continuous innovation can the enterprise survive, develop, make the core competitiveness dynamic, make it difficult for competitors to follow and imitate, thus creating a sustainable competitive advantage.

Transcend, It refers to the self-realization of breaking through the limit. There is no ultimate goal in life. Only through "continuous progress" is the goal to pursue. People should learn to improve, learn to do the best, enjoy life and life in creation, and enjoy spiritual happiness. Self-transcendence is based on the training of individual talents. Self-transcendence can stimulate employees to pursue the lofty meaning of individual life, and has a great impetus to improve the team cohesion of enterprises.

Organizational structure

Organizational structure