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The security door does not turn on (listen whether the sound of the "drop" sounds when the security door is energized)

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1.1. When the security door is energized, you can hear the sound of “drop”. Pull out the 2pin cable at the power socket on the motherboard (Figure 1) and short-circuit the two feet of the seat with metal objects for 3-5 seconds. The keypad (SMS-B2000, SMS-B5000) or remote control (SMS-B5500, SMS-B6500LCD, SMS-B6500LED) is bad. If there is still no response, check if the power cable on the size transformer is loose.

1.2, no sound

1.2.1, security door model is SMS-B2000, SMS-B5000, SMS-B5500

First check if the light on the power switch is lit (Figure 3). If it is not lit, first check if the fuse inside the security door fuse is burnt out (Figure 4). If it is not burnt, check if 220VAC is connected or Replace the power switch.

1.2.2, security door model is SMS-B6500LCD, SMS-B6500LED

Check if 220VAC is connected. If it is turned on, check if the voltage of the transformer inside the main box has output.