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The security check of the port was upgraded, and all the baggage items passed the security inspection x-ray machine, and the security inspection efficiency was significantly improved.

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     Recently, the inspection of the large X-ray machine baggage articles security instrument was launched at the edge of the Shanghai Ocean, and the safety inspection of the baggage items of the entry and exit personnel was strengthened. This is the first time that a large-scale X-ray security tester has been used by the Shanghai Customs inspecting the immigration inspection to improve the efficiency of inspection and the speed of customs clearance.

    The use of the X-ray machine baggage security instrument is an important measure for the strong police. In the inspection hall of the Yangshan side, a "little monster" constantly swallowed a suitcase, which is the inspection of the baggage items of the crew members who are leaving the ship. Through the use of the X-ray security tester, the method of manual unpacking inspection by the police has been changed. It can clearly display all kinds of suspected dangerous articles such as metal, liquid and powder contained in the baggage, prompting the police to conduct targeted inspections and inquiries, and improve The safety and work efficiency of baggage inspections have truly played the role of “filters” and further strengthened the effective control of items that endanger public safety.

     The activation of the X-ray security instrument attracted the consistent praise of the crew, agents and other service objects. The "Japanese Post Pioneer" round and the "COSCO Italy" round of Chinese and foreign crew members who disembarked from the boat sighed sincerely: "The inspection by the Shanghai Sea Inspection Authority does not require us to open the packaged luggage, avoiding the time to rearrange the suitcase and take care of it. Our privacy, this measure is very good!” Lu Bin, agent of COSCON, also said: “The inspection speed has increased. In the past, the average inspection time of entry and exit personnel required nearly 10 minutes. Now, through the X-ray security inspection instrument, the inspection time per person is less than 1 minute. The ship has arranged for the crew to change the time more leniently."