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Strengthening subway security inspection has become the norm: Hefei Metro plans to set up 2 sets of security inspection equipment at each site.

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   On the 21st, it was learned from Hefei Railway Company that the "protection god" on the 1st line will be replaced by a more lightweight and convenient "small partner" - explosion-proof barrel. In addition, Line 2 plans to equip each site with 2 sets of security equipment to escort passengers safely.

Security checkpoint or less than line 1

    Hefei Rail Transit Line 2 starts from Nangang Station in the west and ends at Dazhong Road Station in the east. The total length of the line is 27.08 kilometers. It is all underground, with 24 stations, 1 depot and 1 parking lot. According to the 2nd line engineering security equipment procurement and installation project, the pre-standard requirements are being publicized, and the security equipment will be equipped throughout the line.

    "At present, the bidding for security inspection equipment has been completed. It can be installed after the construction conditions of the site are met." Wang Hui, head of the security department of the operating branch of the track company, said that considering the construction of individual sites affected by objective factors, the security inspection equipment needs to be stationed. Wait a while.

    Dadongmen Station and Hefei South Station on Line 1 serve as interchange stations, and security has been strengthened. There are 50 security checkpoints on the whole line. There are 6 transfer stations on Line 2, will there be more security checkpoints? "No!" Wang Hui explained that most of Line 2 is a standard island platform, which is different from the side platform of Line 1. That is to say, the transfer can be completed at the same station level. "In order to better facilitate passenger transfer needs, the transfer station does not need to set up so many security checkpoints."

Lighter explosion-proof barrels

    At the security checkpoint at the entrance and exit of each station on Line 1, you can see a black ball on the square black base that sits "sitting" with a "open mouth". This is the famous security artifact - the explosion-proof ball. When encountering explosive suspicious objects, put them into a small yellow net bag embedded in the sphere on the inner wall, and close the "mouth" by hand to let it explode automatically.

    "Although the explosion-proof ball has a superior ability and the explosion-proof capacity reaches 3kgTNT, it is particularly difficult to move because of the weight of 660kg." Wang Hui said that it will be replaced by a new explosion-proof barrel on Line 2. It is understood that this explosion-proof barrel is light and efficient, and the effect is not worse than that of the explosion-proof ball. The movement is also more convenient and quick, and it will become the new "protection god" for the passenger safety of Line 2.

    In addition to the above differences, Line 2 security inspection work is roughly the same as Line 1. “Each security checkpoint will be equipped with three security inspectors responsible for daily inspections.” It is understood that each security checkpoint is equipped with a metal detector. Table flammable liquid detectors, portable liquid inspectors, portable explosive detectors, gas detection equipment, radioactive material detection equipment, explosion-proof tanks, explosion-proof blankets, dangerous goods storage tanks and other equipment will also be installed.