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2017 The 13th Xinjiang Police Anti-Terrorism Technology and Equipment Expo opens - Goalkeepers bring the latest security, military and police equipment to participate

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From August 17th to 19th, 2017, the 4th China-Asia-Europe Security Expo and the 13th Xinjiang Police Anti-Terrorism Technology and Equipment Expo were held in Xinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Center.

At the opening ceremony, Cheng Xingfang, chairman of the Xinjiang Security Association, presided over the meeting. Pan Xiuming, member of the Standing Committee of the Urumqi Municipal Committee and deputy mayor, Kabrin, Secretary General of the International Cooperation Committee for Non-Government Security, and Yang Jincai, Chairman of the National Association for Urban Security and Cooperation, respectively, delivered speeches for the opening of the exhibition. General Liu Xiaochuan, honorary chairman of the China Security Association, announced the opening of the conference.

The exhibition will continue to innovate the service content and form of the exhibition, with the theme of “Smart Security, Peaceful Xinjiang, Service Development”, professional division according to technical products, and expansion of “fire emergency”, “unmanned aerial vehicle” and “police technology”. Professional exhibition areas such as “safeguard”, “intelligent transportation” and “Internet of Things technology and application”, pay attention to the application of security products in the field of smart city construction, grasp the market dynamics of modernization, intelligent, digital and networked security construction, and strengthen scientific and technological exchanges. Promote trade cooperation and promote the commercialization and industrialization of high-tech achievements.

In the same period of the exhibition, summit forums, industry promotion, innovative product awards and other activities will be held to give full play to the role of AMB's window to convey market information and exchange advanced technologies, making it a bridge connecting China and Asia-Europe security industry.