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Warmly welcome the chairman of the Xinjiang Public Security Department Security Association and the entrepreneurs to visit the Shoumenshen Technology Group

Source of the article: Guangdong Shoumenshen Technology Group Co., Ltd. Popularity:128 Publication time:2018-08-29 14:25:58 small middle big

Golden Autumn October, sweet-scented osmanthus fragrance, Shoumenshen Technology Group ushered in the Xinjiang Public Security Department Security Industry Association Cheng Xingfang, Vice Chairman Li Long, Vice Chairman Wang Changjun, Vice Chairman Li Yingmei, General Manager of Xinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Center and Security Association耿 Deputy Secretary-General and other representatives of the company visited and guided the work. Chairman of the Board Meng Hao, President Wang Chunli, Sales Director of Xinjiang Branch, Mr. Yan, and General Manager of the Military Equipment Division Huang Zong warmly received.

Under the leadership of Chairman Meng Hao, Mr. Cheng Xingfang and his party visited the hardware and processing workshop of the goalkeeper and watched the production and processing of the police equipment and the processing process of the police equipment, and standardized the production process for the goalkeeper equipment. The quality of the parts produced is affirmed.

The leaders of various enterprises in Xinjiang visited the goalkeeper's bulletproof vests and security inspection equipment production workshops, and had a keen interest in the ultra-thin body armor, quick-release tactical body armor and high-strength light stab-resistant clothing produced by the goalkeeper, especially for the Xinjiang community. The safety and stability pressure is large, and various types of security security equipment and military and police equipment are in great demand; the high-quality body armor, quick release bulletproof vest, stab-resistant clothing and other police equipment developed and produced by the goalkeeper technology group have entered the Xinjiang market to achieve preliminary cooperation. Intention, we are willing to provide comprehensive promotion and publicity equipment for the security inspection equipment such as security gate x-ray machine, security inspection door, vehicle bottom scanning system, dangerous liquid detector and explosives drug detector.

After visiting the gatekeeper production workshop and the police equipment exhibition hall, the chairman of the goalkeeper group brought some group executives, the head of the security inspection and military police department and the leader of the Xinjiang Security Industry Association, and the leaders of Xinjiang and the entrepreneurs of Xinjiang. The communication and discussion; Shoumenshen Technology Group is the top ten national brand of police equipment, national high-tech enterprises, Guangdong famous brand products, Guangdong famous trademarks; the goalkeeper is able to provide counter-terrorism, security, detonation, military Professionalized companies such as police equipment and security systems have owned more than 30 national patents and have been awarded the contract and credit enterprise of Guangdong Province for six consecutive years. Minister Wu of Xinjiang Security Industry Association gave a high evaluation on the security inspection equipment such as the security inspection machine, security inspection door, deep-exploration, liquid inspection and so on. It is hoped that the goalkeeper will increase the ultra-thin body armor of the latest research and development. Lightweight stab-resistant clothing, the latest police equipment, anti-riot equipment, and other series of Xinjiang markets urgently need more investment in military and police products, contributing to the prosperity, stability and social security of Xinjiang, and willing to combine the advantages of Xinjiang entrepreneurs to recommend the products. Entering the Xinjiang market and contributing to the anti-terrorism and stability of Xinjiang cause a lifelong force!

Meng Hao, chairman of the goalkeeper, pointed out that security and military police are the main business of the goalkeeper. Xinjiang is China's largest security and military equipment market. The goalkeeper is based in Guangdong, investing a large amount of money to develop the latest security equipment, military and police anti-terrorism riot equipment is to To make the world safer and safer for the people; since the establishment of the company in 2006, the goalkeeper has been adhering to the goal of protecting China and the safe world. It has developed small, medium and large security x-ray machines, multi-model security doors and dangerous liquids. Detectors, explosives and drug detectors, mobile/fixed vehicle inspection systems, explosion-proof suits, quick-release tactical vests, stab-resistant suits, body armor and other security inspections, explosions, anti-terrorism, and military and police equipment are put on the market. In order to open up the market, Xinjiang Branch, Jiangsu Branch, Chongqing Branch, Shaanxi Branch and Henan Branch have been established. In Beijing, Shenzhen, Kunming, Nanjing, Shenyang and other cities, offices have been set up to directly serve domestic customers and enjoy the goalkeeper. God goes to a more direct and faster service. The goalkeeper will continue to increase investment in research and development, provide Xinjiang with the latest and most comprehensive security and security products, and also respond to the national one-on-one road, open up foreign markets, and provide the most professional security and security solutions for countries along the route.