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Warmly welcome Wang Yan, deputy secretary of the Municipal Committee of Laohekou City, Hubei Province, to visit the Shoumenshen Technology Group Co., Ltd.

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On April 16th, Shoumenshen Technology Group Co., Ltd. ushered in Wang Yan, deputy secretary of Laohekou Municipal Committee of Hubei Province, Yang Suyun, deputy director of Laohekou City People's Congress Standing Committee, Zhang Jingjun, Zhangji Town Mayor Zhang Lianhe, Zhang Jizhen Party Secretary Liao Haibin, Hubei Fuyang Chamber of Commerce Sun Secretary Wait a visit to visit. Meng Hao (Meng Yi Burn), Chairman of the Gatekeeper Group, warmly welcomed and accompanied him.

Under the leadership of Chairman Meng Hao (Meng Yuhuan), Mayor Wang Yan and his party visited the goalkeeper's exhibition hall, police production workshop, security inspection workshop and hardware processing workshop to watch the latest development and production of police equipment production components. And the processing process, the production process of the goalkeeper's equipment processing workshop and the quality of the parts produced are affirmed.

Meng Hao (Meng Yi Burn), the chairman of the goalkeeper, introduced in detail the development of the goalkeeper in recent years and the future planning of the goalkeeper in the field of security, security and police equipment. The goalkeeper pays attention to the development of science and technology, increases cooperation in technology research and development, and concentrates on technology. Talents to build high-tech industrial parks; focus on the future, do a good job in long-term development planning, continuously improve the level of science and technology, improve the quality of domestic security, security, and police equipment, and do a good job in product quality, and gradually improve the overall level of China's security and security industry.

Since the establishment of the company in 2006, Shoumenshen Technology Group has gained a great reputation in the security inspection market. It has served in major events such as the 2008 Olympic Games, the 10-year Guangzhou Asian Games, the World Cup in South Africa, and the National Games. Stations in large and medium-sized cities in China. The railway station, the high school court, the procuratorate, etc. all use and purchase the security equipment of the goalkeeper; the Southern Theater Air Force, the 31st Army of the Eastern Theater, the Guangdong Provincial Armed Police Border Defense Force, and the Xinjiang Armed Police Border Defense Force, etc., purchase the goalkeeper and special equipment for counter-terrorism. Meng Hao, Chairman of the Board of Directors, is the top ten brand of police equipment in China and the leading brand of police equipment in the national public security system. With its deep technical accumulation and continuous innovation capability, it will focus on security inspection, security and police equipment in the new era. In the process of development, we will continue to drive innovation and provide more high-tech products for security, security, military, and anti-terrorism equipment, leading the industry trend, strengthening the police with science and technology, guarding China, and securing the world!