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Goalkeeper participated in the 20th Northeast China Expo 2018 and the 9th Hangzhou Anbo Fair

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"2018 20th Northeast International Public Security Products Expo" was held in Shenyang New World Expo Center on April 19-21, 2018! As the annual security industry event in Northeast China, this exhibition will be integrated into "Technology Application" The exhibition + brand display + conference forum is integrated to showcase the cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements of the security industry.

At the same time, the 2018 China (Hangzhou) International Social Public Safety Products and Technology Expo was held on April 19-21, 2018 at the Hangzhou International Expo Center (the main venue of the G20 Summit). With the theme of “Create a Safe China Service Belt and Road”, the Expo will focus on integrated and intelligent security technology applications and system solutions, as well as international and domestic security products and police equipment. A wide range of application needs, provide cross-departmental, cross-police technical exchanges, improve the application of big data, artificial intelligence in the public security law department, hospitals and universities.

The goalkeeper was invited to participate in the Northeast Northeast Expo and the current Hangzhou Anbo Fair. The exhibition mainly showed customers a series of products such as security inspection machines, security inspection doors, bulletproof vests and stab-resistant clothing. Through the on-site exchange, many potential customers were collected. And further understand the latest market in security, security, police equipment and other fields.

At the beginning of the exhibition, many exhibitors were attracted, and the staff always communicated with the exhibitors with full enthusiasm and patience. The features and advantages of the security products were displayed in the wonderful speeches and demonstrations of the goalkeeper staff. After the professional visitors and exhibitors at the venue had a certain understanding of the products, they expressed great interest in the security products exhibited by the goalkeeper. Many customers conducted detailed consultations on the spot and hoped to conduct in-depth cooperation through this opportunity.

The picture shows the sales elite team of the goalkeeper warmly welcomes the professional visitors and exhibitors on the spot to introduce the characteristics and advantages of the company's security products.

Bulletproof vests and stab-resistant clothing are the products of the Shoumenshen military and police equipment. The series of products have passed the special police equipment quality supervision and inspection center of the Ministry of Public Security, the China Special Equipment Testing Center for weapons, the National Security and Alarm System Testing Center, the Ministry of Public Security and the police. Joint certification with the Electronic Product Quality Testing Center.

The security inspection of the Hangzhou Anbo Club adopted the security inspection machine of SOMENS, which proved the brand strength and good reputation of the goalkeeper in the security inspection industry.

Coincidentally, the goalkeeper security check gate was also put into use in this year's Hangzhou Anbo.

Global security to see China, China security to see Hangzhou. After the G20 summit public safety comprehensive test, Hangzhou's security industry has taken a new step. Hangzhou has gathered famous national security enterprises, such as Hikvision, Zhejiang Dahua, Yushi Technology, Yinjiang, and Zhejiang University. Leading companies such as Shoumenshen Technology. As a national high-tech enterprise, a famous trademark of Guangdong Province, a famous brand product of Guangdong Province, a top ten brand of Chinese police equipment, and a leading brand of police equipment for the national public security system, the goalkeeper technology group is bound to become the focus of the exhibition.

The Northeast AMB Fair was established in 1999 and is based in Shenyang, the central city of Northeast China. It has been used by the three provinces of Liaoji and Black to radiate all over China. After 19 years of careful cultivation, the “Northeast Anbo Conference” has long been praised as the Northeast Security Industry. The first event. Nowadays, the scale of the exhibition has reached more than 20,000 square meters of exhibition area. The goalkeeper of the Shoumenshen Technology Group has attracted the attention and favor of many exhibitors, and deepened the understanding of the brand and security technology.

Through these two exhibitions, while reaching a cooperation agreement or intention with many customers, they also had friendly exchanges with their peers, made many new friends, learned the latest market of the security industry, opened up their horizons, and the future of the goalkeeper. Development will also bring new opportunities.
"Guarding China, Safe World", Shoumenshen Technology is guided by excellent products, advanced technology and high-end services, and is committed to building an aircraft carrier that builds the world security, security and police equipment industry!