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  • Scene trace investigation box KCX-HJ
Scene trace investigation box KCX-HJ

Scene trace investigation box KCX-HJ

Site Trace Investigation Box KCX-HJ|Police Equipment|Police Equipment-Shoumenshen Technology Group

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National Service Hotline 400-8353-880
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Product Configuration

1. The ordinary powder method extracts the fingerprint on the smooth plane.

2. Fluorescent powder method to extract fingerprints on smooth surfaces.

3, Blu-ray flashlight to stimulate fingerprint fluorescence.

4, use the paint brush to reveal the fingerprint.

5, 502 stickers to extract fingerprints.

6, the iodine smoke method shows the fingerprint.

7, showing bloody handprints.

8, showing sweaty fingerprints on paper.

9. Extract handprints from relevant personnel on site.

10, the scene is printed than the opponent.

11, the powder bottle is placed in a special plastic box.