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  • Fire protection suit MHF-SJ
Fire protection suit MHF-SJ

Fire protection suit MHF-SJ

Fire protection suit MHF-SJ|Police equipment|Rescue equipment-Shoumenshen Technology Group

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National Service Hotline 400-8353-880
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Principal Performance

Claim thickness: 0.45±0.05mm

Tensile Strength: Warp and Weft No less than 450N/5cm

Tear Strength: Not less than 32N

Anti-acid penetration performance: 80% H2SO4, 60% HNO3

30% HCL three acids 10mm liquid column 1h impervious.

Anti-alkali penetration performance: 6.1mol/L NaOH3, 10mm liquid column, 1h impervious.

Anti-gasoline performance: Soak 30S in 120# gasoline, no cracks, no stickiness.

Flame retardant performance: afterburning time: no more than 2S;

             Flame-retardant time: no more than 10S;

              Damage length: no more than 10cm, and no droplets.

Heat aging resistance: 125 ° C × 24 h, not sticky or brittle.

Cold resistance: -25 ° C × 5 min, folded 180 °, no cracks.

Adhesive strength of the rubber layer and fabric: not less than 780N/m

Puncture resistance of the sole: not less than 780N

Electrical insulation performance of the sole: not less than 5000V

Waterproof performance of boots: 2h soaked, no water seepage

Anti-chemical suit water penetration resistance: 5, 3L/min water nozzle flushed for 15min, impervious.

The weight of the entire set of clothing: no more than 5kg.