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  • Police tent BYZP-SJ
Police tent BYZP-SJ

Police tent BYZP-SJ

12-15 people\'s tents - police tents BYZP-SJ|Police equipment|Rescue equipment-Shoumenshen Technology Group.

Product category:Police tent
Product model:BYZP-SJ
National Service Hotline 400-8353-880
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Product Overview

The police tent consists of a body, a cotton liner, a frame and accessories (including piles, drawstrings, hammers), etc. The front gable opens the door and the door is centered. A chimney is opened from the chimney mouth and the lower part of the rear wall. Three windows are opened on each side of the wall, and the doors and windows are opened freely. The door is provided with screens. The structure of the window is composed of rollable curtains, transparent soft glass and window mesh. There is a ground floor in Punta. The body is composed of a surface layer, an insulation layer and a inner layer; a reserved opening is provided on the side of the tent to facilitate the access of external water, electricity, heating, communication and other pipelines; a transparent pocket is sewn in the upper right corner of the door to facilitate the laying of the base layer. Number; the appearance color is police blue, the screen mesh of the tent is white; the words "police" and "POLICE" are printed on the top and side of the tent. 12-15 people's tents