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  • Cutting machine_Two-way different wheel cutting machine
Cutting machine_Two-way different wheel cutting machine

Cutting machine_Two-way different wheel cutting machine

Cutting machine _ two-way different wheel cutting machine - goalkeeper two-way different wheel cutting machine

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National Service Hotline 400-8353-880
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| Product Advantages

Motorized two-way saw is the strongest and most effective cutting tool in the field of rescue and rescue. It has the advantages of power tools and has the following advantages:

1. Maneuverable, flexible, suitable for most environments and occasions: the use of gasoline engines as a power source, because most of the past rescue tools need power or motorized pumps to do power, The maneuverability is relatively poor and cannot meet the rescue work in high-rise, wild or complex places, while the mobile two-way saw solves this contradiction well;

2. High-power, reliable imported gasoline engine: The power source equipment adopts Sweden imported 3500W gasoline engine. This equipment has strong power and reliable performance and has experienced more than ten years of market. The test is the best supplier in the world's handheld gasoline engine industry, thus ensuring that the motorized two-way saw can start normally in a harsh environment without delaying rescue due to equipment power problems;

3. The design of ergonomics is matched with the streamlined casing of the engine: the weight of the whole machine is reasonably dispersed, and you can handle it regardless of the posture cutting. There is no imbalance; 4.A42351 is the most efficient cutting tool at present: the aluminum shutter door can be completed in just three seconds, which is difficult to achieve and surpass any other tool;

5. Add a gasoline and oil ratio mixing bucket: reduce the difficulty of your operation, make the proportion of mixed oil a pleasure, and at the same time the oil is more It meets the burning requirements of gasoline engines, thus ensuring safe and reliable work and effectively extending the service life of the saw.

6. Fast cutting speed and high efficiency: cutting speed is 5-8 times that of the original cutting tool. It can cut steel and copper without changing the saw blade. Almost all materials such as aluminum profiles, plastics, wood, automobile tires, automotive glass, rubber, imported glass curtain walls, etc., greatly improve the performance and use of two-way saw products, which is difficult to achieve and surpass any other tool. Span>

7. Wide range of cutting and full-featured: use the same saw blade to cut almost all steel, copper, aluminum, wood, plastic, rubber, automotive glass, etc. Materials to make operation easier;

8. Smooth cutting process, no recoil: using double saw blade reverse cutting, each piece has the same cutting speed and shearing force, but opposite directions, mutual Offset, making the entire cutting process easy without effort;

9. No need for lubrication cooling, simple operation: the new saw blade is optimized from structure to cutter shape, and now no matter what material is cut, no lubrication cooling is required, simplifying Difficulties in using operation and maintenance;

10. There is no danger of card sawing or chipping, safe and reliable: because the two-way saw uses double saw blade cutting, and the width of the two saw blades is far The thickness of the saw blade base, together with the built-in intelligent control board of the sawing machine, can automatically compensate the power under the payload, so the two-way saw will not have any sawing phenomenon regardless of the material cut, and the base of the two-way saw blade adopts German imported steel plate. And Germany's heat treatment technology, whether it is hardness or toughness, can be used safely under harsh conditions;

11. The cut does not generate heat, smooth and bright: because the two-way saw uses a saw blade cutting, it realizes a real cold cut, the whole cutting process is very Less sparks are produced, while ensuring that the incision has no temperature rise, no discoloration, and no flashing;

12. Can cut very thin materials, and the cut objects will not be deformed: double saw blades are cut in reverse like the working principle of scissors, whether cutting thin materials or Shaped material that does not deform the cut after cutting;

13. Small size and light weight: It can be conveniently placed on most rescue vehicles without having to reserve space separately. Reliable quality and excellent performance are the first choice and necessary tools in the field of emergency rescue and anti-blasting. The case of successful rescue of two-way sawing machine can be seen everywhere in various media, and it is the best equipment for cutting tool replacement.