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Don't say that the Chinese military is poorly equipped - China's first appearance of a new type of individual bulletproof vest: foreigners have no choice but to challenge domestic products.

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Image credits every day - God knows to shoot.

The picture shows our new generation of individual soldier comprehensive protection system. This system represents the most advanced individual soldier comprehensive protection technology in China and even today. It is reported that the exhibit is the "Central Enterprise Deep Implementation of Innovation Driven Development Strategy Achievement Exhibition" held in Beijing recently. "The first public appearance of the funeral, the new generation of body armor system is particularly interesting, the performance of the body armor due to the US military's existing modified tactical protective vest (IOTV), improved module tactical protective vest (IMTV), single soldier The Board Carrying System (SPCS), etc., and the new body armor system with a one-button detachment function, can achieve rapid exchange on the battlefield, and strengthen the protection of the shoulders of soldiers. Military expert Lei Ze told reporters that China's individual bullet-proof vestment research began in the 1950s, including 81, TF90-54, TF90-79, TF95, 2004 bulletproof vest (04B), 06 type special forces bulletproof vest, DS- P6 special body armor, FDY-IR paratrooper body armor and other types, basically formed a system with complete functions, various types and good performance.

We know that individual bulletproof vests are mainly used to prevent warheads and fragments from invading the human body, and to protect the chest, abdomen, neck and other parts of the individual from injury. Unlike police body armor, which mainly prevents warhead intrusion, individual bulletproof vests face the dual threat of warheads and fragments. From the statistics of the battlefield injury, the proportion of fragmentation is significantly higher than that caused by the warhead. Especially for the chest and abdomen rupture, the trauma trajectory is complicated, the operation is difficult, and the death rate is high after the wounded.

Image credits every day - God knows to shoot.

It is understood that our new generation of body armor system adopts a new generation of camouflage uniforms and new spotted camouflage that will be equipped with troops, and has been specially designed for individual soldiers when they are maneuvering. According to experts, they are maneuver according to individual soldiers. In terms of combat missions, it is normal for our military to implement maneuvering with built-in armored vehicles, especially in the large-scale construction of a new mobile rapid reaction force. This is especially true after the replacement of light armored vehicles by all personnel, but during the individual combat. The impact, penetration and penetration of armor-piercing pieces on body armor has become a new threat. In order to protect against the threat of shrapnel, our new generation of body armor uses a series of new materials, such as high-performance polyethylene (HPPE) fiber with high rigidity and toughness and light weight (density of 0.97 g / cm).

For example, the new bulletproof liner made of PBO fiber, although having excellent mechanical properties, uses a fabric made of high-strength fiber to "catch" bullets or shrapnel to extend the action time of the bullet and the bulletproof fabric, thereby effectively dissipating the bullet. The great energy of the belt is used to achieve the purpose of bulletproof. Recently, in order to improve the bulletproof capability, China has also developed a new soft and hard composite body armor. The bulletproof mechanism can be summarized by “soft and hard”, that is, the bullet or fragment is directly bounced off by the new ceramic material, and the energy is absorbed. So, how strong is China’s bulletproof vests and bulletproof panels? The above picture is a very popular video program on the recent youtube video website. Foreign design enthusiasts used a Chinese-made body armor to test with a hard bulletproof board. It was thought that a few shots could be penetrated, but a dozen or so The pistol bullets and rifles were shot within 10 meters, but they were not penetrated! The man finally had to admit that the Chinese defense bomb was awesome, and he himself was simply paralyzed.