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The airport security inspection machine has made new achievements: the Xiamen Gaoqi Airport has found the contraband bullets, and the X-ray security inspection machine has made the bullets do nothing.

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    On December 11, a man was found carrying bullets at the T4 terminal of Xiamen Gaoqi Airport. At about 08:03 am on the same day, Xiamen Security is conducting a security check on Chen, who is heading to Changsha. The passenger carries a shoulder bag with him. When the passenger puts the bag into the X-ray machine, the driver will find the image of the bag. Two black spots, suspected bullets, then informed the opener Xiao Zhang to control the baggage and open the package inspection. When asked if there were metal items such as bullets in Chen’s bag, the passenger denied it. The opener Xiao Zhang carefully inspected the bag and finally found a suspected bullet in the sandwich. After another check-up and asking the parties, the parties admitted that it was a bullet. Subsequently, the security inspector informed the shift squad leader to transfer the party and the item to the airport public security organ for processing.

      Xiamen security inspection reminder: According to the regulations of the Civil Aviation Administration, passengers are prohibited from carrying or consigning bullets and shells (and their crafts). Passengers are requested to check their luggage before travelling to avoid inconvenience to their trip.