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Express 100% first inspection after the sealing implementation:

Source of the article: Guangdong Shoumenshen Technology Group Co., Ltd. Popularity:155 Publication time:2018-08-29 14:58:46 small middle big

    Recently, Guangzhou Baiyun Police once again used the "Baiyun Express Brother" to successfully crack a smuggling case of cross-border smuggling. Under the assistance of the police, the company arrested 14 suspects and seized more than 250 kilograms of drug ice. According to the regulations on the drug-related clues, the police gave a reward of RMB 300,000 to the “Baiyun Express Brother” who had made great contributions. It is reported that this is the largest drug smuggling case detected by the Guangzhou police this year.

   It is undeniable that in the past, the safety accidents in the express delivery industry frequently occurred, posing a certain threat to consumers' personal safety and public safety. On November 29, 2014, a resident of Liu County, Guangrao County, Shandong Province, after receiving a pair of shoes purchased online, appeared vomiting, abdominal pain and other symptoms, and died on the same day due to rescue. According to the diagnosis, Liu died of methyl fluoroacetate poisoning. This "drug express" caused a death and 9 injuries, and in the minds of people, the memory of "unsafe delivery" was engraved. In particular, on September 30, 2015, in Liucheng County, Guangxi, there were 17 consecutive package bombings, resulting in 7 deaths, 2 loss of association, and 51 injuries. The emergence of "bomb express" has aggravated the public's sense of insecurity in the express delivery industry.

    In view of this, since March 1, 2016, the National Standard for the Basic Data of Comprehensive Management of Social Security has been officially implemented. The "Specifications" will promote the implementation of 100% pre-view post-sealing, 100% delivery real-name system, 100% X-ray machine security inspection and other system guarantees.

    However, recent media investigations have found that the express delivery market is not fully compliant. The real-name system is notorious. You can still mail the shipment with a fake name or even without a name. At the same time, “Express 100% first inspection and post-sealing”, that is, “unpacking inspection” ", not 100% have been implemented; as for the "100% X-ray machine security inspection", it is only implemented in several powerful express delivery companies.

    It can be seen that the courier reported the drug was awarded a heavy prize, but forced the express security check to upgrade. In other words, in addition to the real-name system, the inspection and security inspection system should become a standard for the express delivery industry; from the source, the behavior of wanting to pass the courier crime should be contained to ensure the security of the delivery of the goods. At the same time, it is very urgent to strengthen security inspection measures and use technical means to inspect the goods. At present, several large domestic express delivery companies have used X-ray machines to conduct security checks on all mails, and all express mails are checked by security check machines. This advanced means is more reliable than manual inspection by couriers and should be promoted nationwide.