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The world's best bulletproof helmets are made in China, exported to Europe and the United States for many years, and the United States also purchases Chinese-made bulletproof helmets.

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As an important part of the individual soldier protection system, the military helmet has been fully affirmed in previous local wars and high-tech local wars.

At present, Western developed countries are sparing no effort to develop a new generation of multi-functional high-performance military helmets to meet the operational needs of future high-tech wars.

Although high-tech weapons are emerging in modern warfare, soldiers are still the most critical factor in victory. How to protect soldiers from harm has become a research topic for researchers in various countries. In the war, the most feared by the soldiers is the shot in the head, so in the helmet upgrade study, the bulletproof indicator is the most critical. This affects the actual combat performance of the helmet.

The helmets with the highest usage rates in the world are not from the United States or Russia. But the QGf02 helmet from China. With the Type 54 pistol 51 standard bomb, the 5m range bullet has a bomb speed of 420-450m/sec. Under normal incidence, the ballistic rate is 100%. It is the world's best helmet for ballistic performance.

The protective area of the helmet is also very important. The helmet with the ideal protection area should be like the ancient heavy armor. However, due to the weight consideration, modern military helmets are impossible, so the designer will increase the protection area as much as possible, so the advanced countries are advanced. The shape of the helmet is similar. The effective protection area of the QGF02 helmet currently used by the PLA is 1266 square centimeters, an increase of 16% compared to the GK80 helmet. Don't underestimate this 16%. In the battle, there is a world of difference between life and death.

As for the weight of the helmet, the lighter the better. The Russian military BOLIT-M series helmets weighs about 1.25 kilograms, the same quality as the PLA QGF02 helmet, and lighter than the US military. The weight of the helmet is related to the material and manufacturing level of the helmet. The bulletproof materials used in non-metallic military helmets are mainly nylon reinforced resin, glass fiber and aramid Kevlar fiber. Compared with the former two, the production cost of aramid is slightly higher, but the same weight of aramid can provide 2-3 times that of other fibers and 5 times the strength of the same thick steel wire. Aramid is indeed the best choice for mass production of personal protection systems due to factors such as overall cost and weight.

The bulletproof indicator of the helmet is the most important, which determines the basic performance of the helmet. The V50 is an important indicator that best reflects the ballistic performance of the helmet.

The so-called V50 value is to use a beveled cylindrical projectile with a mass of 1.1 grams to shoot the helmet at different speeds within a specified distance. If 50% of the projectiles penetrate the helmet, 50% will not penetrate, that is, 50% breakdown. Probability, the average of the speed of the bullet being fired is the V50 value of the helmet. The higher the V50 value, the better the helmet's ballistic performance.

The QGF aramid series helmet of the People's Liberation Army, especially the QGF02 helmet, has a V50 value of 630 m/s and is currently the highest in the world. Compared with the most famous "Kevlar" helmet in the United States, its performance has reached or exceeded that of the American Kevlar helmet, except for the application materials. In the design, it fully refers to the physical characteristics of the military, and has reached the "one helmet universal" standard. The QGF02 helmet changed the general "two-point" fixing method and the "three-point sling" connection fixing method, which is more suitable for tactical requirements. Moreover, the total weight of this helmet is relatively light below 1.45kg, and more importantly, the weight of the helmet is reduced a lot. In this way, the protective area behind the neck and the ear area can be greatly increased, and the overall protective area is increased by about 16%. Do not underestimate this 16%, to be placed in the actual battle, it is absolutely directly determines the life of the warrior. Therefore, the QGF02 helmet has been introduced in many countries, and it has become the most used helmet in the world. In 2016, China's national defense bomb helmets were exported to the international market in large quantities, and domestic bulletproof vests accounted for 70% of the global body armor market. Also in the United States is equipped by the police. Today, the country's bullet-proof helmets have already stepped out of the country and established a foothold in the international arena, becoming a hot commodity in the international market.