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World body armor looks at China, the top-level bulletproof vests have the largest number of exports in China, but the Western countries can stop at any time.

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At present, the world's largest manufacturer and exporter of personal protective equipment such as body armor is China. Foreign enthusiasts have personally tested the Chinese Class IV bulletproof board purchased for $100. The result is a close-up shot of the powerful rifle. At one time, the high cost performance of domestic bulletproof products attracted a lot of heated discussion.

In fact, China has completed the shaping of 81 body armor in the 1980s, mainly using aluminum alloy-nylon material. After the 1990s, China acquired a large number of advanced materials production technologies including aramid, which promoted the development of a new generation of bulletproof products in China.

The current situation is that Western countries provide technology and capital to China and give large orders for OEMs. The main purpose is to value China's cost advantage to provide greater profits. However, domestic enterprises have gained the basis of development, and formed a post-development technology advantage, gradually becoming a market leader.

However, the current domestic industry base has a high dependence on foreign countries. For example, some of the required boron carbide bulletproof ceramics and sintering equipment need to be imported from France, including the preparation of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene fibers, even for imported equipment. It is the dependence of raw materials, as well as the exploration of bulletproof products for some new principles and new material structures. At present, China has not completely rid of its dependence on foreign countries.