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Common security inspection type analysis: What is the difference between a single security X-ray machine and a dual-energy x-ray security machine?

Source of the article: Guangdong Shoumenshen Technology Group Co., Ltd. Popularity:105 Publication time:2018-08-29 15:28:03 small middle big

Frequently, customers ask why the 5030 security machine is divided into two types, A and C. The appearance is the same, but the price is so different.

First of all, the detection channel size of the two machines is the same (width 500mm * height 30mm), the technical principle of detection is the same, all x-rays penetrate the scanned object, and then display the shape and color of the item. The operating software is also operated by keyboard and mouse;

The biggest difference between the 5030's A and C machines is twofold:
First, the core X-ray source is different. The A-type ray power is 70KV, and the C-type is 140KV, which also represents the difference in penetration. The gatekeeper 5030A's security inspection machine can penetrate 8-10mm stainless steel plate, and the goalkeeper 5030C can penetrate more than 40mm stainless steel plate.
Second, based on the difference of X-ray source, the angle and mode of imaging are different. The goalkeeper 5030A security inspection machine is single-energy imaging. Single-energy X-ray imaging can only be imaged by different attenuation of radiation, and the difference in density cannot be well distinguished. So the color of the displayed image is not so rich and obvious. The 5030C security inspection machine is a dual-energy imaging device. The displayed items are richer in color and more layered. The difference between organic matter, inorganic substances and mixture is clearer. The spectrum produced by dual-energy X-rays has two bands with two center values. There is only one band and one center value for a single energy.
Based on the above comparison, the difference between the two security inspection machines can be seen. The 5030A type is generally used for exhibitions, factories, public events and other places where the requirements are not particularly high, while the 5030C is mainly used for public inspection law units, prisons, government agencies, Interrogation, high confidentiality and other places.