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Spark-depth analysis of subway security and artificial intelligence collision in the information age

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When the artificial intelligence system is applied to this, the face system is combined with the needs of the smart subway to the greatest extent. The face subway security inspection system came into being.

First, the existing subway security inspection process leads to high peak pressure and long queue time
The subway, now talking about the term is no stranger. When I was young, it was a kind of awkwardness for the subway, and more of a yearning for the metropolis. Nowadays, the subway has become one of the most common and commonly used means of transportation in urban life. If it is convenient, I think that I am a subway, and no one should object.
When the subway is becoming more and more popular and developed, when it brings great convenience to life, it also brings a lot of headaches and troubles.
I believe everyone has taken the subway. When you want to get into the platform, before you take the subway that will take you to your destination, it will be a security check process that you can never skip. Under the influence of the world situation, in order to protect the safety of passengers to the utmost extent, the security inspection process of the subway can be described as more and more complicated and more and more time consuming. When many passengers sneered at the security inspection process, the pressure on all parties is enormous. On the one hand, we must ensure the order and smooth flow of passenger flow, and avoid potential safety hazards; on the other hand, we must take into account the degree of passenger acceptance of the security inspection process.
At present, the biggest problem brought by the existing security inspection process is the passage of time. Because the security check is placed at each entrance and exit, when the passenger flow passes, it will inevitably reduce the flow, and the result is a long queue.
In addition, the biggest problem that the existing security inspection process brings to the operators is the tightness of the staff and the large amount of work.
Second, face detection is applied in the security system, which can solve the problem
Bringing up artificial intelligence, this IP that can't be fired in the past year or two, I believe that both the elderly and the children, or the young people who are busy with work all day, can say two sentences.
Artificial intelligence is amazing. It is like a legend. Everyone has a different understanding and feels very far away from him. It is said to be around, as if it is omnipresent. But if you really want to use it in the subway, I believe many people have never thought about it. What can it do?
Since it is service and the public, it is necessary to solve the problems encountered by existing systems. The above has briefly introduced the unavoidable problems in the subway, that is, the passenger flow hoarding caused by the existing security inspection process when the passenger flow peaks, mainly because the existing security inspection process needs to consume a lot of time, in the case of crowded passengers, It will inevitably lead to hoarding.
So what artificial intelligence can do in the subway is also the application that solves the biggest problem, that is, while speeding up the passage of passenger flow, it will not lower the level of security.
Things that seem impossible, but they can be solved by artificial intelligence.
Third, artificial intelligence is applied in the subway to solve the core problem of large passenger flow and safety.
Having said that, how do artificial intelligence solve these problems?
With the problems we have come together to understand, the new subway security system that was born under artificial intelligence.
For the traditional subway security inspection, the most stressful is the on-site staff, who bear the huge responsibility of ensuring safety. Strictly enforced again and again, strict inspections are carried out for each passing passenger to ensure the safety of all passengers.
But this happens to be the existing security inspection process, and the biggest problem is the biggest one. First of all, after all, people's repetitive work load and pressure are very large; secondly, the maximum safety level is checked for all passengers.
When the artificial intelligence system is applied to this, the face system is combined with the needs of the smart subway to the greatest extent. The face subway security inspection system came into being.
It automatically records, categorizes, and detects real-time passengers. When each passenger passes through the system, it can automatically and quickly provide effective information to the security staff to maximize information. Staff will be able to make appropriate security levels for people of different categories and security levels based on the information obtained. In order to achieve the fast and safe passage of most passengers, it also ensures that the safety of all passengers will not decline, but will increase the information provided and mastered by the passengers big data. It also reduces the embarrassing situation in which passengers are asked to check their identity.
Fourth, the future of artificial intelligence will usher in the era of brushing traffic
In addition to the subway, artificial intelligence will have more impact on more industries and life. After it has improved safety, efficiency, convenience, and what it brings to us, it will have to wait for time and the witnesses of the world. I believe that artificial intelligence should not only exist as a tool, but it may have become a friend of mys while bringing us security and services, and has arranged for me every time I want to do, or Things that need help.
So what can artificial intelligence do for us in the future in the subway?
Now artificial intelligence on the subway has brought us convenience and security. But for the future, we certainly hope to provide more services and convenience for passengers on the subway. Face recognition is applied to the subway. In addition to providing security, it can also be used for identification. It will replace the various identity cards in your hands at a suitable time in the future, including subways and bus cards. Big borders.
Artificial intelligence is like a diligent and hard-working friend who is modest and generous. We will make progress together. By growing up, we believe that all our prospects for the future are coming.