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Can you prevent the AK's bulletproof vests from being able to guard against the slashing of cold weapons?

Source of the article: Guangdong Shoumenshen Technology Group Co., Ltd. Popularity:139 Publication time:2018-08-29 15:41:30 small middle big

This depends on what kind of bulletproof vest you wear. If it is only the soft body armor of Kevlar, it is absolutely impossible. If you have a hard bulletproof board inside, you might be able to block it. But after all, it is a bulletproof vest, the main role is to prevent bullets.

The main working principle of bulletproof vests is to reduce the damage of bullets to the human body by absorbing the kinetic energy of bullets. Kevlar fiber has a high tensile strength, so when the bullet is hit, the Kevlar fiber is stretched, so that the kinetic energy of the absorbed bullet spreads over the entire body armor. But this is not absolute. If it is a kinetic rifle bullet, it may break the Kevlar fiber hit by the bullet, so most of the current Kevlar body armor will have a hard bulletproof insert. The plate further absorbs the kinetic energy of the bullet to achieve the purpose of protection.

But the cold weapon is different.

When you watch the war film, you will see a picture of the sandbags in the trenches. In fact, this is the same as the bulletproof principle of bulletproof vests. Because the weight of the bullet is small, the kinetic energy of the bullet in the sand will be quickly consumed and eventually lose its lethality.

Why can a 0.5-inch large-caliber bullet penetrate the earthen wall? The reason is that it is heavy and has more kinetic energy to carry, so it has stronger penetrating power.

The weight of the arrowhead arrow can be compared to a 0.5-inch warhead, not to mention the rear arrow. For this reason, although the speed of the arrow is not as fast as bullets, the arrow can easily pass through the sandbag during the range.

Therefore, a bulletproof suit like Kevlar that absorbs kinetic energy is unable to prevent the arrow.

In order to prevent cold weapons, it is better to use professional stab-resistant clothing.