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Automatic security check-in: Los Angeles' first five automatic security inspection channels officially opened

Source of the article: Guangdong Shoumenshen Technology Group Co., Ltd. Popularity:197 Publication time:2018-08-29 15:48:38 small middle big

Los Angeles International Airport and the US Transportation Security Administration recently announced the opening of the first five automated security channels, one of the $12.3 million upgrades to 14 channels in the Los Angeles International Airport Tom Bradley Terminal.

"Los Angeles International Airport is pleased to bring this boost to passengers. This is one of our specific measures to continue to make LAX a gold standard airport," said Aura Moore, Chief Information Officer, Los Angeles International Airport. "We are also honored to receive The addition of many airlines, especially thanks to the strong support of the US Transportation Security Administration, enabled the upgrade project to be realized."

"Our goal is to develop innovative solutions to improve security and enhance passenger experience," said Keith Jeffries, Federal Security Director, US Transportation Security Administration, Los Angeles International Airport. "Security inspections greatly simplify manual processes and passengers can Pass the security checkpoint faster without compromising security."

The activation of the automatic security channel provides protection for future security improvements and reduces the overall transit time of passengers. Each new channel can complete the inspection of up to 5 passengers at the same time, and the passengers can be queued for full body scanning or metal detector inspection.

In addition to allowing multiple passengers to place items in the inspection tray at the same time, the automatic security checkpoint provides additional convenience for passengers, including:

The automatic conveyor takes the pallet into the X-ray machine and returns the empty pallet to the passengers lined up behind. This eliminates the need for the passenger to push the tray onto the conveyor before going to the full body inspection.

If there is an item in the hand baggage, the alarm system will be automatically pushed to a separate inspection area, and the subsequent tray will not be affected. The bag that needs to be opened for inspection will be transferred to the table next to it.

These pallets are 1/4 larger than the pallets on the standard inspection channel, just the size of the chassis that can be placed in the on-board rack, so this provides a standard size for luggage to board.

A special Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) logo is affixed to each pallet so that the passenger is responsible for the individual's security-checked items. The camera will take every box and link to the X-ray picture one by one.

The upgrade project is expected to be completed and put into use next spring. At that time, 14 automatic security inspection channels and 2 standard channels will operate at the same time, serving 3,220 passengers per hour.