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Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

Source of the article: Guangdong Shoumenshen Technology Group Co., Ltd. Popularity:184 Publication time:2018-08-29 11:20:10 small middle big

    The 29th Olympic Games and the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games opened in Beijing on August 8, 2008 at 8:00. The first Olympic Games in China's history also created many miracles in the history of the Olympic Games. In the same year, there were 3.14 violent elements in Tibet. The East Turkistan was affected by outside influences to plan and rob the torch, and to destroy terrorist events such as the Olympics. Therefore, the central government placed the stability and security of the year at the top of the list. With the excellent product quality and excellent price, the goalkeeper has become one of the suppliers of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and the torch relay security inspection equipment.